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By developing production and marketing, implementing innovations and most advanced technologies, the enterprise increases their output and endeavors to sell their production in foreign markets.





Why you should to cooperate with us


 Better quality:

o    Better product quality of product than made in China and other Asian companies;

o    All products are made with advanced wood processing equipment CNC and other. That guarantees high quality and precision of the products.;

o    Before shipping all products are checked with quality control;

 Better buying conditions:

o    Good price. Less expensive labor and materials combined with Europe producing standards, labor motivation and effective producing allows to offer best quality and price proportion;

o    You can always place small orders. There are no need to order full container or truck;;

o    It is very easy to check product quality before shipping. Flight costs to Lithuania are from 100 EUR and you can reach destination from all over Europe in 2 hours.

 The same economic space:

o    No customs taxes;

o    No customs services;

o    Products sold to VAT payer are VAT excluded. There is no need to freeze additional assets.

Better payment conditions:

o    We can offer competitive payment conditions;

o    Lithuanian currency is tied to EUR so there are no risk for currency changes and probable loss;

Secure business:

o    Lithuania is one of 27 European union countries where established the same law base;

o    Lithuanian laws are consentaneous with EU.

Better shipping conditions:

o    Cheaper shipping. One truck costs from 700Eur.

o    Lithuania is only 1200-1700km from Germany, Netherlands or Belgium.

o   Products can be delivered in 3-4 days from Lithuania.

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